Some days as a stay-at-home parent feel like one long reading performance. Book after book is read, and you keep waiting for your kid to want to move on to something else, but they keep on wanting you to read more. I’ve wondered a few times just how many books I’ve read to Rose in her life, but not until today have I ever tried to actually calculate a real number. 

Let’s start with the average number of books we read each night. We usually read 3 books at bed time. Rose gets 2 books, and after she brushes her teeth, she gets 1 “extra” book. She is 4 years old. Here’s the baseline math for that:

3 books/night x 365.242(avg. days per year) = 1,095.726 books/year

1,095.726 books/year x 4 years = 4,382.904 total books

But that is not all (as The Cat in the Hat says) oh no, that is not all!

That doesn’t even include extra books throughout the day. Let’s take a conservative estimate and say that we have averaged 2 additional books each day. Some days we read more, some days less. 

2 books/day x 365.242(avg. days per year) = 730.484 books/year

730.484 books/year x 4 years = 2,921.936 additional books per year

Let’s add them together:

4,382.904 total bedtime books               + 2,921.936 total extra books                  =7,304.84
We may as well round that up to 7,305 books over 4 years. 

That’s a lot of books. 

How many have you read with your kids? Share your answers with me, if you can figure it out!