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We’ve been reading the book Llama Llama, Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney quite a bit lately, and as it turns out, Rose is starting to memorize it. I noticed for the first time last night, when she asked for it by name at bed time. Rose squeaked out what sounded suspiciously like “llama llama,” and when I held up the book, she nodded happily.
On about the second page, there is a line about the baby llama getting a kiss from his mama. When I read that line, I usually lean down and kiss Rose on the head. Well, last night Rose leaned her head up, obviously waiting for her kiss.
Later in the book, as the baby llama gets upset that mama isn’t coming upstairs to check on him, a few things happen. First, he “hums a tune.” Last night, after that line, Rose started humming just like I do when I’m really getting into the storytelling.
Next, baby llama “starts to moan.” Of course, Rose knew to do that as well.
And at the very end of the book the baby llama gets two more kisses. Rose again leaned up for her kisses, and waited until she got both.
This strikes me as a new level of interaction between Rose and her books, and thus also a new level of literacy. It’s so exciting to see her connecting to books more fully. I can still remember reading to her every night for so long and getting very little reaction. I stuck with it though, and moments like this are my reward.