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I’m a sucker for a special edition of my favorite books.  Recently, my little sister got me a leatherbound edition of The Hobbit that I wanted that is designed to look like it’s Bilbo’s journal.  Not that I didn’t already have a copy, but the moment I saw this one, I knew I wanted Rose’s first reading of the book to come out of this edition. 

So when I first heard about a special pop-up version of one of my favorite childhood books, The Little Prince I knew I needed it!  We do, of course, have a 25-year-old copy of the book in our collection, but the idea of a pop-up version seems to so perfectly incapsulate the what the book is all about.        

I wouldn’t be able to count the number of times I read this as a kid, missing much of the philosophical nature of the book, and not realizing that a lot of it is aimed at adults.  It’s such a beautiful book in so many ways, and just look at what the pop-up version does to the baobab trees! 

How could I not want this for myself Rose?