There are a number of places out there where you can get a book that has your kid written into it in some way, but my favorite so far has been a cloth book I found at a consignment sale for $2:









It’s called “My First Photo Album,” and it’ awesome!  It has plastic sleeves in certain sections where you can put any pictures you choose.  Since there are four spaces, we put pictures of Rose with each of her four grandparents.









She loves flipping through it and looking at herself and pointing at her grandparents.  It’s also a great way for her to get more familiar with her grandparents, none of who live in the same city as us.  In addition to the plastic sleeves there are also pages that have great illustrations and simple text.










It’s a book that Rose can look at on her own, and I don’t have to worry about her tearing out pages.  If you want to get one for your baby or toddler, you can do a search on Amazon.  They have a number of different versions available.  Then just order the pictures to put in, and you’re ready to go!