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As much as I love reading with Rose, I know that she LOVES being outside.  With that in mind, we set out to buy a sandbox for our backyard.  Unfortunately, it seems that places stop selling them once summer is over, so I decided to find plans online and build one myself.  As it turned out, this was a way better move than buying a plastic sandbox.  I found the plans at a website from Ana White, a homemaker and mother who also happens to be very good at building things.  The sandbox even has built-in benches that fold down as a cover for the sandbox to keep neighborhood cats from turning it into a giant litter box!  You can get the plans yourself by going to http://ana-white.com/2011/10/plans/sand-box-built-seats.  The plans are easy to follow, even for an amateur like me, and if you like them, Ana White just came out with a book full of projects that you can buy through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Indie Bound.

Anyway, I built the sandbox, with only a few minor hiccups (such as the dog tearing into two of the bags of sand before I could stop him) and Rose just loves it!









But how does this relate to reading?  I wanted to find a book with a sandbox in it to read with Rose to get her excited.  I asked our local librarian and they found me this:

It’s a great little book about a toy bulldozer who escapes from his sandbox, has some adventures, and ultimately is relieved to be back in his sandbox home with all of his friends.  Rose really loved it!  I don’t know that she got the connection between the book and the sandbox, but using books as a preparation for the real world is something that I really like doing.  Are you going to the beach?  Read a book about the beach.  Visiting grandparents?  Same thing.  It’s a great way to prepare your kid for an event!

If you’re planning on building the sandbox, let me know in the comments, and good luck!